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Fair Warning Notice

Thank you for expressing interest in the Fair Warning Notice!

This Notice:

  1. Clearly expresses your rights and claims.
  2. Provides a basis for enforcement if one (or one’s child) is deprived of constitutionally-protected rights under color of law.
  3. Creates an obligation by the noticer that those who have a duty are to uphold their duty, and if this duty is breached, an injury and damages may ensue.

This Notice may be used to notify courts, sheriffs, law enforcement, military, employers, schools, hospitals, doctors, and anyone else who may be attempting to trespass on your God-given, constitutionally-protected rights. Rights not defended become rights lost. This is a simple, inexpensive, yet powerful way to assert your God-given, constitutionally-protected rights which are massively under assault worldwide in this current environment of an alleged health crisis.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the process take?

That depends in part on you. Upon receipt of your donation, we will send you the NDA, the Limited Power of Attorney authorizing us to perform these tasks on your behalf, any signature pages required, and the Intake Form.

As soon as we receive those completed documents back from you, we will research the costs of filing (public record), publishing (newspaper), and noticing parties (specific to you) and issue you an invoice to cover those costs. Upon receipt of those funds, we will finalize your notice and get it filed publicly. The publication will take an additional 3-4 weeks depending on the requirements within your state; however, the notice can be issued to those parties on your list upon its public filing.

Why am I required to sign an NDA?

NDA means Non-Disclosure Agreement.  It provides a safety net for people to work with us and vice versa.  It insures for the honest seeker a means for our proprietary materials to remain proprietary.


What happens if my rights are violated anyway after giving NOTICE?

Having given notice, you now have the basis for lawful action against the violators.  This would trigger the need for a separate process with its own contract based on your needs. 

How much can I expect the actual costs to come to? (Filing fee, publication, printing & mailing notices to my list of recipients)

It will vary depending upon the cost to publish our legal notice in the newspaper in your area and upon the number of entities you designate to receive the notice.  Filing fee and newspaper publishing can start at as little as $80 but go higher as newspapers with large circulations cost more; the current cost of each properly mailed and documented notice to your list of recipients is approximately $15 to $17.

Can I split my donation into payments over time?

Yes, Donation Saver plans are custom-crafted on an individual basis. However, your services begin upon receipt of the full donation amount. All donations are non-refundable.


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Seeking more information?

If you are seeking further information or need clarificaton, please feel free to reach out! Our friendly staff is always happy to assist!

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